Introduction to Belvest

Introduction to Belvest

Introducing Belvest at UOMO San Francisco

Belvest is known to be hard to find, but here at UOMO, you can now choose between a variety of suits and sport coats.

We are proud to say we have some pieces which cannot be found anywhere else in the US market.

What is Belvest?

The garment factory of Belvest is located in Padova, Italy (120 miles east of Milano), with more than 300 employees working together to make well-crafted jackets, suits and overcoats, which are among the finest on the planet. The Belvest brand can be described as a well-kept secret known mainly by serious menswear professionals and connoisseurs.

The company has built its reputation as a maker that crafts clothing for the most famous luxury houses in the world (French and Italian in particular), who in turn sell these sought-after products under their own luxury brand names. The Belvest operation breathes quality into its products and keeps close to traditional modes of craftsmanship—a commitment which gets a nod from enthusiasts who value garments made according to the rules of the art. This is the type of factory that you can, by definition, find only in Italy.

Among the 300 employees at Belvest, several have worked with the company for several decades, following in the steps of their fathers or mothers —a tell tale sign of a truly traditional sartorial manufacturer in Italy, where we often witness the continuum of family members working at the same place, generation after generation.

What makes Belvest special?

250 Phases of Tailoring

Constructing a made-to-measure suit is an undertaking that requires great ability, as much patience and, above all, passion. Since its inception, Belvest has cultivated these virtues to produce creative excellence and sartorial that are recognized and celebrated throughout the world.

From inception through completion, each bespoke garment goes through set phases, each of which centers on personal choice and handiwork.

Each Belvest garment goes through a 250 step process to reach the highest level of quality and assure the best fit.

Soft Shoulder Construction

Belvest is famous for their shoulder construction, being one of the best shoulders on the market today on par with makers of the caliber of Kiton and Isaia.

Shoulders are the most defining element of the silhouette of a jacket. Shoulder expression is simply the shape and appearance of the shoulder area of a coat. The shoulder area sets the parameters fir the silhouette and drape of the suit, and so a technically correct cut is vital.

But just as importantly, is the feeling the shoulder expression evokes, creating real messages ranging from tones of professional to regal and from sporty to scholarly. A man who knows and understands himself, and is armed with some bare fundamentals on tailoring, should instinctively know which shoulder expression he prefers.

Exclusive Fabrics

Belvest offers a magnificent array of the finest fabrics available each season, in addition to ultrafine, super 200s Golden Bale wools, precious “one of a kind” pieces from its long-standing historic archive, and a book of selections in vicuna, cashmere-vicuna, guanaco, cashmere-guanaco, top cashmere and cashmere-silk, certain to fulfill any requirement. 

A further sign of refinement and distinction is evident in the choice of buttons, from top quality natural horn, to mother of pearl, to sterling silver, to the ultimate indulgence: limited 50th Anniversary Edition buttons in 18k gold. 

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